Faithful to the brand’s sustainable and artisanal philosophy, Rocco Ragni has introduced the use of regenerated cashmere and natural fibers, such as linen, organic cotton and hemp, present in many of the collections’ garments.

The company has always preferred the use of natural and organic fibers, using biodegradable and / or non-polluting treatments during the fabric processing phase and during the washing phase.

Rocco Ragni has always considered the environmental impact of the entire production cycle of the product, from the purchase of the raw material to the creation of the product inside the craft workshops in Perugia.

The regenerated Cashmere is obtained using the industrial excess of yarn production and significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to pure cashmere.

The design of the collections is increasingly involved in the ecological and sustainable footprint. At Rocco Ragni’s two R’s, three not less important ones are added: reuse, regeneration, reduction. This is how new values ​​and design scenarios are born, which highlight the quality of life, wellbeing, poetry and beauty.


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