Elements inspired by Saint Tropez contaminate the stylistic universe of Rocco Ragni.

We must thank Brigitte Bardot for making Saint Tropez world known. The town of the Côte d’Azur that is so loved by Hollywood stars, is today one of the catalysing places for the fashion world, a place where incredible contaminations between arts and cultures are born, and where experimentations define new stylistic paths. Everything is chic here. Even just walking through the old streets of the hamlet.

Beyond the unshakable glamor, Saint Tropez is in fact also a welcoming seaside town with its magnificent and very populated harbor; the traditions, the beauty of the natural places, the history, the legends, the prestigious events, the festivals, the important regattas, the shopping, make it an inexhaustible source of discoveries. Those who think of Saint-Tropez as a simple meeting place for VIPs are very wrong: the town is full of attractions and authenticity, and Saint-Tropez only waits to be better known.

The markets – In the Place des Lices, every Tuesday and Saturday morning, an authentic Provencal market offers the visitor a veritable riot of colors, with stalls full of fruit, vegetables and flowers, all sun-filled. A show where transalpine elegance is combined with an all-Mediterranean spontaneity.

You do not have to be in Saint Tropez to look like Saint Tropez. Just emulate the look. Even if you have to tell the truth: if you happen to go there, there are some details to take home, to have a 100% à la tropézienne outfit that only you will have in the city.

Elements inspired by Saint Tropez can not miss even in the stylistic universe of Rocco Ragni.

In this gallery it is possible to catch the key points: dresses and skirts in lace, possibly white, striped navy sweaters in cashmere, silk, cotton or viscose, cropped trousers, both wide and skinny, and obviously pastel colors that recall the sea and the Provencal countryside.

If you can then put a vichy detail, some flounce or ruffles and a pinch of silk, a straw bag and a simple sandal, the look at the St. Tropez is done!


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