The Bottega perugina keeps alive the handicraft experience, given to us by our fathers. The scrupulous attention in selecting and associating textile fibers combines precision manufacturing techniques with a particular sensitivity to environmental problems. Our re-engineered cashmere garments are made in these specialized laboratories.

Re-engineered cashmere is obtained using the industrial excesses of yarn production and it significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to pure cashmere.

Faithful to the brand’s sustainable and artisanal philosophy, in 2018 Rocco Ragni joined the Re.Verso ™ traceable production system (
Re.Verso ™ is the brand identifying an evolved network of companies, in which selected partners participate, for the transformation of fabrics and knitwear, and together create a unique offer of yarns re-engineered with the brand Re.Verso ™ .

Re.Verso ™ is a new fully integrated, traceable, made in Italy production approach. A unique system to create innovative products, exclusive in look & feel and where the concept of quality integrates the responsibility and transparency of all the processes and products involved.

This is the first and only re-engineering platform for wool and cashmere fabrics created and built entirely in Italy by a pool of leading companies in the sector, a unique and revolutionary system aimed at companies in the textile sector involved in research and development of increasingly advanced fabrics, with the non-secondary objective of optimizing the production chain. An intelligent way to limit the dispersion of raw materials in the production process by offering products that are totally traceable, transparent and made in Italy.

In Rocco Ragni FW 2018/2019 collection, for the first time, garments made with yarns adhering to the Re.Verso ™ system will be on show, like the cardigan we show you below, in 100% re-engineered cashmere.



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